Mamiya RB67 Pro & 90mm F/3.8
Mamiya RB67 Pro & 90mm F/3.8
Mamiya RB67 Pro & 90mm F/3.8
Mamiya RB67 Pro & 90mm F/3.8
Mamiya RB67 Pro & 90mm F/3.8
Mamiya RB67 Pro & 90mm F/3.8
Mamiya RB67 Pro & 90mm F/3.8
Mamiya RB67 Pro & 90mm F/3.8
Mamiya RB67 Pro & 90mm F/3.8

Mamiya RB67 Pro & 90mm F/3.8

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Product Description

  • Mamiya RB67 Pro & 90mm F/3.8 in excellent condition
  • Includes
    • Mamiya RB67 Pro Body
    • Waist-level Finder
    • Sekor 90mm F/3.8
    • 120 Film Back
    • Lens cap
  • Phenomenally pure and truly analog experience, try out the Mamiya RB67

The beastly Mamiya RB67 Pro. It's a tank. We mean it.

2.7kg of pure photography bliss. It's big, heavy and beautiful piece of machinery. The Mamiya RB67 Pro is fully analog! No electronics inside whatsoever. However with this version, you've got a 120 Film Back to make loading/unloading film super easy! 

The model boasts a fantastic Sekor 90mm F/3.8 which is super sharp and satisfying to use! With the lovely Waist Level Finder, it becomes an absolutely joy to focus with the bright viewfinder and the smooth and precise focusing ring. 

If you're looking for a phenomenally pure and truly analog experience, try out the Mamiya RB67! You can create sensational medium format portraitures to breathtaking landscapes with this kit. A rare find! 


  • Mamiya RB67 PRO body
  • Mamiya SEKOR 90mm F/3.8 Lens
  • Mamiya RB67 120 FILM BACK
  • Lens Cap


All cameras come with 1 month warranty. Please refer to the product images for the detailed cosmetic condition.

Body: Excellent condition (4.3/5)

✔ No major issues except specks of dust, minute scratches and few paint chips on the body

✔ All buttons responsive and functional

✔ Mechanically thoroughly tested 

Lens: Near-mint condition 

✔ No fungus, haze or serious damage to the lens.

✔ Only a few dust particles

✔ Aperture & focus rings operate smoothly

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