Pentax 67 & Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8
Pentax 67 & Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8
Pentax 67 & Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8
Pentax 67 & Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8
Pentax 67 & Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8
Pentax 67 & Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8
Pentax 67 & Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8
Pentax 67 & Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8
Pentax 67 & Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8

Pentax 67 & Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8

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  • Pentax 6x7 & Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8 in excellent condition
  • Shutter speed of 1 to 1/1000 sec plus a bulb mode
  • Sharp and beautiful Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8
  • Robust, sharp & iconic medium format camera

Product Description

The Pentax 6×7 is a Japanese medium format SLR roll film camera by Asahi Pentax.

This beautiful Pentax 67 boasts shutter speeds from to 1/1000 seconds + bulb mode. This kit comes with a beautifully sharp and versatile Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8 which is wonderful for nature, sport and portrait photography! This kit comes with a light meter addition to help make metering a breeze!   

The body is well built and solid (stylised as an oversized 35mm SLR camera).

This Pentax 67 produces beautiful photography that's high resolution, stunning quality and has stunning depth of field. If you are considering an iconic medium format camera with great compatibility with affordable lenses, then this one would be on your shortlist!


Excellent (4.4/5)

Pentax 67 Body - It's in excellent condition with little signs of usage. The only damage to the body are the tiny paint chips & miniscule scratches/blemishes. Please refer to images for reference. 

Viewfinder is mostly clean except for a dust particles, with no fog or fungus.

All buttons/dials tested. Light meter works as well.

Asahi SMC 150mm F/2.8 Lens - Near-Mint condition. No scratches, fungus or haze. Only 1-2 dust particles which don't affect image quality. Aperture & focus rings operate smoothly. 

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