Nikon F5 + 24-120mm F/3.5
Nikon F5 + 24-120mm F/3.5
Nikon F5 + 24-120mm F/3.5
Nikon F5 + 24-120mm F/3.5
Nikon F5 + 24-120mm F/3.5
Nikon F5 + 24-120mm F/3.5

Nikon F5 + 24-120mm F/3.5

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Product Description

  • Nikon F5 + 24-120mm F/3.5 in excellent condition
  • One of the most commercially successful and beloved models from Nikon
  • Film Required: Any 35mm film
  • Skill Level: Moderate

Nikon F5 is the biggest, heaviest, toughest and fastest 35mm SLR ever made by Nikon. It boasts an infallible 1,005-segment color 3D matrix meter, and fully compatible with all the newest AF, AF-D, AF-I, AF-S, VR and G lenses. Also works with all AI (1977) and newer manual-focus lenses, and every lens back to 1959 with some mechanical modification.

With shutter speeds ranging from 1/8,000 - 30 seconds and a beautifully sharp 50mm F1.8 lens makes it a dream for any photographer! The ultra-fast auto-focus and the variety of settings (Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and Manual) makes it super easy to use and versatile for any situations!

The F5 is heavy but durable. The Nikon F5 is built to last and feels less fragile than most 35mm cameras. 

The legendary Nikon F5 is one of the highest regarded models from Nikon. So if you're looking for a reliable, durable sharp & easy-to-use SLR camera, then look no further than the Nikon F5!


All cameras come with 1 month warranty. Please refer to the product images for the detailed cosmetic condition.

Body: Excellent condition (4.4/5)

✔ No major issues except specks of dust, minute scratches and few paint chips on the body

✔ All buttons responsive and functional

✔ Mechanically thoroughly tested 

✔ Light meter works

Lens: Near-mint condition 

✔ No fungus, haze or serious damage to the lens.

✔ Only a few dust particles

✔ Aperture & focus rings operate smoothly

Photos Taken By This Camera

Below are the photos taken using this camera straight from the roll!

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